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FREEQUENCY's (Q) is an ethically-driven and proprietary technology for media and holistic well-being.
To transmit badass goodness in the world
Joy, imagination, innovation, authenticity, and adventure
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February 5, 2021



High-vibing creators, experts, and facilitators are now being invited to co-create original content and participate in conversations filmed at Freequency Studio in Miami, FL USA. This original content will be tested with audiences and the cohort will be cross-promoted as badass Freequency Creators.

If you would like to be considered or share past work, write to:


Freequency Studio

Here is a gift of fun tunes to

kick off this Miami edition.


Homegrown Miami Music curated for us by the lovely Cuci Amador from Afrobeta.

FREEQUENCY led by Janelle Gueits has organically developed into a vibrational well-being system and content discovery method that empowers audiences to filter through negativity in the media
airwaves (proven toxic like CO2 emissions affecting our mind-body-spirits) and discover content that
supports evolving day to day needs
and journeys to live more
meaningful lives.
Wellness system, content discovery, original and curated content
Imagine body activation, mental fitness, emotional awareness, spiritual aspiration, imagination, and one streamlined destination.
People Who Give a Sh*t (PWGAS)
FREEQUENCY is a futurist endeavor of VIKARA LLC committed to the Highest Good of All
FREEQUENCY's start was marked with rapid-fire synchronicities  - clicking of events - that made it clear this project was tapping into something extraordinary. After the founder set her intention to connect bright lights in the world, contributors from NYC to San Francisco jumped in to contribute their talents seemingly overnight and share in co-creative discussions. 
Rather than waiting for additional funding, our video team decided to strike out on the road to prove there is badass goodness in the world. Just one week later, an Airstream (RV) was manifested, and single emails that stated our intention resulted in us driving to epic locations beyond our wildest imagination to meet warm, diverse, and insightful communities. 
From an unexpected call from a friend traveling in South Korea that connected us to a community in Joshua Tree; to a female leader who took it upon herself to organize 50 artists gathering in a private park in Los Angeles; and a young filmmaker volunteering to fly out from Texas to film in Yosemite, it was awe-inspiring. We traveled 1500 miles across California in 3 weeks to have personal sit down conversations with over 100 people.
Both the Travel Series and a Summer Experiment that followed were incredible and set the tone to fast track our vision. It became clear that showing audiences the example of others and inspiring events were good, but not enough to help make lasting change. As a result, we pivoted to deep research and development to leverage technology to more effectively deliver content and experiences.
Today, the results of years of research in the subject of energy through the lens of diverse fields from science to music; eastern philosophies to western psychology; and beyond, have landed on a system. We are now building Freequency Studio and inviting our 1st Creators Cohort of bright leaders to film new content, and test its delivery via our system.
The aim is to awe-inspire even ourselves in this process of discovering how to best map, connect, and deliver the "good universe." From creating a positive grid (network) and ecosystem of the brightest creators and content to leveraging subjective, biometric, AI, and next-gen technology,
our vision is to help humans connect with the power inside themselves, help provide
an alternative path for humans potential, and co-create a better world.
Disrupting the Media Matrix & Uploading Your Truth | Janelle Gueits | Girls in Tech Conference 2020

Disrupting the Media Matrix & Uploading Your Truth | Janelle Gueits | Girls in Tech Conference 2020

From unpacking headlines to ways to protect your state of wellbeing, learn to become a more discerning media receiver. You’ll learn about the power of the information you transmit and the pivotal importance of your own story, nuanced diversity, and authentically verified truth. This session rounds out with practical skills to become a storyteller and how to use your (smart)phone as an empowerment tool. It offers an interactive journey to break down the universe of communication, rev up your own frequency, and upload your truth to spark and serve your community and our world. Janelle Gueits has spent the better part of the last 20 years traversing the nation and globe as a social innovator, film director, tv producer, social entrepreneur, former professional dancer, choreographer, and guest speaker featured in 30+ media outlets (VARIETY and MSNBC.) The Girls in Tech channel features highlights from our conferences, webinars, hackathons, full episodes of The Girls in Tech Podcast, and more. Look for talks on technology, entrepreneurship, business, personal and professional development. About Girls in Tech: Girls in Tech is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the gender gap in tech. We have more than 60,000 members in 50+ chapters around the world. Visit to learn more about Girls in Tech. » Subscribe to Girls in Tech: Connect with Girls in Tech Online Find Girls in Tech on Facebook: Find Girls in Tech on Twitter: Find Girls in Tech on Instagram: #GirlsinTech #GITCON Disrupting the Media Matrix and Uploading Your Truth | Girls in Tech Conference 2020
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